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Message of support from Sally Hunt

From Sally Hunt to UCU Hope Branch on 28 January 2011

Dear Member,  

I’ve just been informed of the decision by your management to cut the staffing budget by 15 percent as a result of the CSR and Browne review – this on same day that we are fighting to keep the budget for EMAs for 16 to 18 year olds. What strikes me is that when people talk about percentages, about budgets and the need to cut, they forget some things. First – education makes money for this country, it promotes employability, it encourages social cohesion, it is one of our greatest global assets, particularly in higher education. They also forget what we in the trade union movement know all too well. Every statistic, every financial model which talks about deficit reduction or balancing the books means something brutal and personal. It is an individual, their job, their self esteem, their future. We know this because they are us. We know then where we stand. We have a battle. I can’t promise you the world but I can promise you resourcing and support. Every job matters. Every course does too. Martin is already turning the phones red hot to alert us all. We as a national union will stand with you. Best place to be I think. Sally

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